The Restaurant Fundraiser is a proven sweepstakes* model in which people donate $20 or more for chances to win the Ridiculous Grand Prize of $100 gift certificates to 25 local restaurants, the Awesome Second Prize of $50 Gift Certificates to the restaurants, or the Great 3rd-10th Prizes of $100 worth of gift cards to select restaurants.

The model delivers positive impact four ways: 

    1. Supports local restaurants ~ Fair To All Partners buys 50% of the gift cards, or more. 
    2. Supports the host organization’s charitable initiatives, such as scholarships, food security, etc. 
    3. Provides members of the community with an easy, affordable method for supporting their local community while having a chance to win a ridiculous grand prize.
    4. Increases awareness of the host organization (eg. Rotary, Boosters, Chamber of Commerce) 


Completed in 2022:  

                        Completed in 2023:

Our Contribution: Fair To All Partners will guide, manage and implement the project for your non-profit to deliver $10,000-$25,000 in net revenue to your organization, or more. We’ll do 70-80% of the work, or more, and earn 25% of the net revenue.

Scheduled for 2023:  two Chamber of Commerce fundraisers, and two Rotary Club Fundraisers.

Our team will use our experience and passion to maximize your revenue and leverage your members’ well-defined participation. We have a “playbook” that is proven to work, and we revise and enhance it with each additional experience. Fair To All Partners will provide your organization with: 

    1. Professional program management; 
    2. Marketing and social media strategy, expertise, assets, execution and services for electronic and print media, promotional collateral, and media relations. 
    3. Compliance advice and activity related to conducting sweepstakes locally and regionally. 

Your organization’s commitments are well-defined when you decide to engage Fair To All Partners:

    1. Sign an agreement that includes a $1,000 consulting fee and a revenue sharing plan.
    2. Designate at three-five leaders – “Champions” – as key collaborators with Fair To All Partners. 
    3. Provide access to your communication channels so Fair To All Partners can work hard as your marketing and promotion teammates. 

*A sweepstakes is a precisely-defined program with similarly precise legal requirements that Fair To All Partners understands clearly.